...it was 2004 and i graduated high school in los angeles when i decided to move to the central coast. i ended up joining the community college brigrade and signed up for mostly general ed classes like math, english, bio or whatever smart people take. i wanted an art class and decided to try an introduction to black and white photography & darkroom techniques. after day 1 i was hooked. the instructor i had opened my mind to the story of photographs and how they can inspire or influence people. that an image can truly transport you to moments, thoughts, places and emotions. i started photographing daily; capturing the people and places around me. the camera got me out of my comfort zone and away from my couch and for that i'm thankful. it is my hope that the images i create get you to think, to explore and to admire our surroundings. my camera taught me to live life. 

instgram: @fusillo.foto

photograph by: eric lish